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Friday, March 1, 2013


"I have no idea how to use them, but by the grace of which ever higher power, I will learn!!" NIKKI C.

This "series" will take a look at a few copycats of the infamous, "Beauty Blender" sponges. Honestly, I can't really see myself paying the $20 or more for the BBlender - I almost did, but I managed to reel it in and contain my impulse.

This is the 1st one purchased, "Revive" Makeup Blending Applicator:

WHERE TO BUY: In Canada - Winners and Marshalls. TJ Maxx in the US. Not sure where else.

PRICE : Only $5.99!

VARIETY?: Only variations in colors. Mint green, yellow, baby blue, and of course, pink.

TEXTURE: Very soft and pliable - velvety feeling.

EXPANDABILITY: It does expand when you wet it. Not significantly though. I could barely notice the difference.

COVERAGE: Very light to medium. My dark spots were laughing at me as I tried to conceal them with this thing. Even after applying my NYX concealer, every time I'd try to blend that (with the pointier side), it would just come off! Whaaaaat?! Really?! Late for work again!

USE: Geez. My poor arms were killing me by the time I had finished "blending"! I realize though that this sponge will  not work if you try to swipe the makeup on. It basically takes off what you put on. I ended up applying my Ruby Kisses HD Powder and blending with my E.L.F Powder Brush after these pics were taken.

CLEANING: Very, very easy to clean!! 5 minutes to get it looking brand new. I washed with Mastey Paris Sulfate Free Shampoo, Squeezed out water with a white towel to ensure no traces of makeup left.

 I have recently suffered a really bad reaction to something. Hence the embarrassing acne and dark spots. Don't judge me ;) :

L: Bare Skin w/ Primer / R: Foundation Applied
L: Revive /  R:Fingers
Whooo..DIRTY! 3 applications of Revlon Mineral Mousse Foundation
Wowww...CLEAN and looking new!

 MY FINAL VERDICT:  Hmmm.. I tried this only with the mineral mousse foundation.  I'm wondering if THAT'S what the problem is. That foundation is hard to work with. BUT I did try different primers and amounts of water in the sponge, and I just could not get this sponge to cooperate for nothing! So, I will try with my Colorstay liquid foundation over the weekend and update. For now, I have to say:

GIVE IT A TRY!! -  it's only $5.99 anyways, right?


  1. I believe this company's makeup blenders have a warning label on the package, stating the product/or packaging has California Prop 65 ingredients, which have been determined by the State of California to be unsafe, toxic, and possibly carcinogenic. Something people need to watch out for.

  2. Did you read the package info? Materials in the packaging OR the product (they don't specify!) are known to "cause cancer." And it's made in China. I actually liked the sponge but not enough to let it make me sick!!!


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